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We have the following products to make systems more accessible, reliable and efficient





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RSC - Remote Serial Communication (Serial to IP and much more)
Local and Remote Access to Serial Ports (Operator, Alarm etc)
Shared Connections and Logging with Multiple Simultaneous Access Capability

 RSC is a Serial to Ethernet product that converts the Glenayre serial interfaces to IP sockets. The product allows multiple simultaneous connections. This allows two or more users to gain local and remote access to the precious serial ports. Operates as a client and / or server.

TNPP,  TAP, Operator, Computer Interface and other applications over IP / Internet


DMT - Database Management Tools

DMT provides powerful management tools to minimize downtime.

Automatic database backups: Full and incremental backups to a local or remote PC. Allows fast and efficient system backups.

Use DMT with two separate terminals to provide true redundancy. The two terminals can be in the same facility or in different locations for geographic redundancy. DMT provides automatic database backup and synchronization to the standby GL3000 for true redundancy.

Also allows two or more GL3000's databases to be "or'ed" into another system for immediate recovery upon system failures.

System Managers can now build True Glenayre Redundancy




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AMS -  Alarm Management System

AMS provides advanced management and automated control of important data feeds.

Alarm Management, Paging to Email Conversion,  Message Logging Database

AMS parses paging messages, logging data and billing data into a database for long term storage and historical reference. Flexible filters allow the operator to define criteria for logging information into the database. Once information is in the database, operators can develop custom reports and applications.

Filters can be defined to suppresses nuisance alarms and highlight critical events that need immediate attention. The system can escalate and forward important messages to "off network" and local pagers, cell phones, email, etc.

Detects and corrects late pages caused by traffic congestion problems. Spammers and other high traffic abusers are identified and can be automatically disabled to prevent system congestion and busy signals. Later the system can automatically re-enable the offending user(s).

The system becomes more reliable as the manager is now able to quickly focus on important alarm information and take correct actions



Wireless Gateway - WCTP, Web, and Email to Wireless System Server

Provides Web, Email and TAP interfaces to the GL30000 system. Works with all state of the art Alpha Paging (TAP) clients to  provide fast, efficient and secure Alpha messaging. Eliminates slow and costly modem lines. Includes Superior Glenayre Interface and Congestion Control.

 Wireless Communications Transfer Protocol  

in Paging Infrastructure

Motorola, Unipage, etc.

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