AMS -  Alarm Management System

AMS provides advanced management and automated control of important data feeds.

Alarm Management, Paging to Email Conversion,  Message Logging Database

AMS parses paging messages, logging data and billing data into a database for long term storage and historical reference. Flexible filters allow the operator to define criteria for logging information into the database. Once information is in the database, operators can develop custom reports and applications.

Filters can be defined to suppresses nuisance alarms and highlight critical events that need immediate attention. The system can escalate and forward important messages to "off network" and local pagers, cell phones, email, etc.

Detects and corrects late pages caused by traffic congestion problems. Spammers and other high traffic abusers are identified and can be automatically disabled to prevent system congestion and busy signals. Later the system can automatically re-enable the offending user(s).

The system becomes more reliable as the manager is now able to quickly focus on important alarm information and take correct actions

The GL3000 is a great paging and control switch but it does not provide a long term message data storage or alarm management capability.

AMS allows operators to fill this important gap. AMS captures various Glenayre data feeds (end user pager messages, status messages, alarms, billing records, etc). Messages are captured, parsed and then processed in a flexible manner that gives the operator many options. Some examples include:

Plays WAVE Files:

Displays Message on User Definable Display Screens:

Log To File:

Page Out:

Email Out:

Disable Pager:

Log To Database:

Example Applications

Message Logging:

Hospitals often demand that operators log and provide easy access to messages that go to the pagers. They often want the input time, output time, input trunk  / data feed ID as well as the actual paging message.

AMS provides a flexible platform for logging the end user messages into a database than can be used for long term storage and other custom applications.


Alarm Management:

AMS can be the important application in your centralized alarm system. It can consolidate alarms from multiple systems and provide one power interface for control and alert management.

System Architecture

Alarm Management System (AMS) has a Client-Server architecture with flexible filtering rules which provides a powerful data management system. At the heart of AMS is a power server based RegEx parsing / rules engine.

AMS Clients communicate to the server over TCP in order to allow efficient and flexible connectivity opportunities.

There can be unlimited clients and each one can be tailored to meet the users unique configuration requirements.


RSC is designed by seasoned engineers that use the product to maintain and enhance wireless products on a day to day basis. The design incorporates many expansion capabilities and has numerous companion products that continue to add additional functionality.

Simply stated, AMS is a reliable, cost effective product that reduces costs and enhances system reliability and functionality. The support for AMS is second to none.

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